YEYU x Startup Leadership Program

You may know YEYU is a ever expanding machine but we are actually still a very young, growing company. And as all start-ups, we need any occasion to learn how to grow better, faster, stronger.


Our YEYU dynamite Giorgia attended for the past weeks the SLP (Startup Leadership Program) - an 80 hour, highly selective training program founded in 2006 in Boston.

It’s a global network for outstanding founders, leaders and innovators who want to become entrepreneurs which has been in Shanghai since 2011, with more than 150 fellows and 20 mentors.


Last Saturday March the 10th 2018 was the big day for the 6th batch of SLP: Launch and Graduation ceremony @ Soho Q3. All participants were asked to have a 7 minute pitch, explaining the core of their startup idea and their dreams for future growth.


Giorgia made us proud, delivering with energy a passionate speech on YEYU’s dream to revolutionize sports.


YEYU at the F45 & That’s Shanghai Sports Awards

It’s time to celebrate at YEYU!

On February the 8th, our President Andrea was nominated Sport Personality of 2018 at F45 & That’s Shanghai Sports Awards. It was a great honor to be officially recognized among those who leave a trace in the city's sports scene.

Andrea Aw 1.jpeg

A first award and a great achievement for Andrea and YEYU team, this little yet important success means a lot to us and we want to thank all the people who contributed with their votes. As we are committed to build a sport community where people from different passions and backgrounds share the love for sports, each of you is an important pillar in our development.  

Andrea Aw 3.jpg

Sport leaders carry great responsibilities as they represent the highest values of sport, such as discipline, dedication, consistency, fairness, team building, and respect. An inspiration to people, they are accountable for representing and sharing the sport ideal to everyone.

Andrea is passionate of sport since he remembers, and has always lived surrounded by sports professionals, amateurs, teams, and organizations, sharing with them the desire to communicate what sport means to everyone. Sport contributes to make us together, creating bonding experiences. Sport connects us, and through sport we build new relationships with others. This is the idea behind YEYU: a democratic platform where everyone can share their activities and events and interact with different sport communities.  

Andrea aw 5.jpg

Andrea was very honored to received this Prize, but he reminded to everyone that - as YEYU is created by everyone - the Prize should be shared with all the contributors who daily help and support YEYU to become better, and greater.

Andrea Aw 4.jpg

Last night was a special night for YEYU, and we want to thank everyone: from the F45 & That’s Shanghai Sports Awards organizers, to our partners, from the people who voted for Andrea, to the other nominees.

All You Can Sweat - CNY Edition 27 January 2018

Thanks to all the participants of All You Can Sweat - CNY Edition! YEYU’s third community activation event was another milestone for us, and we hope that those who were there could share the same feeling. At YEYU we believe that every community can interact with each other without any exclusivity and for everyone’s interest and gain, and at All You Can Sweat - CNY Edition we proved it for the third time! We aim to be a unique bridge that connects different realms of the fitness world such as sports providers, brands, and people, and only with the join efforts of those entities together we can make to get there.

All You Can Sweat Flyer ENG.jpg
The day started with a boxing class at Golden Gloves given by the energetic Penny, Nick and Frank from WeBox, where participants could learn some of the basics and go for drills and pad works.

The day started with a boxing class at Golden Gloves given by the energetic Penny, Nick and Frank from WeBox, where participants could learn some of the basics and go for drills and pad works.

Next door, a more relaxed atmosphere with the carismatic Ganesh, who was giving his asana yoga class.

Next door, a more relaxed atmosphere with the carismatic Ganesh, who was giving his asana yoga class.


In the morning we could also enjoy the elegant and technical moves of the Chinese traditional martial arts, Wing Chun (you may know it from the movie IP Man), from the Wing Chun Club, which showed us their skills in close range contact.



The second slot of the day was dedicated to Shena Board, Zumba and Body Strength. 

Habi from Primal 6 showed us how to use the Shena Board, an ancient training tool used by martial artists to improve their flexibility, balance, and coordination.


Zumba class with Daria spread electrifying vibes, while in the other space people were having a blast with the full body strength workout led by the super energetic George from Feel Good Fitness.


Around lunch time people could have a rest from the workouts, enjoy a snack and attend workshops about wellbeing and healthy lifestyle with Lizzie from Zenergy and Jay from 9Fulfillers.


At this time the place was packed of enthusiastic and curious people, willing to prove themselves on new kind of trainings. It was the time for one of the most popular and though trainings in the world: INSANITY. In a full-packed gym, Richardson’s energy made everyone perform better than expected!


Yoga with Jade from Free Soul Yoga gave a completely different feeling. In a more tranquil atmosphere, everyone could enjoy relaxing vibrations and listen to their body. 


Bethany and Andrew from Paradigm Fitness gave an inspiring lesson on how to never give up and reach our goals through mental toughness and discipline. 


The early afternoon was dedicated to another boxing class with WeBox, and the first spinning class of the day with Todd from Spinback, with a fast and sweaty 45 min ride.


Next to the bikers room people could experient the elegance of Acro-yoga with Cesar.


For those who still had some energy left, the last three classes of the day included BJJ (Brazilian Jujitsu) with Yunus from SHBJJ, another successful spinning class, and an amazing Boot Camp with Alex from AFit. 



We want to thank everyone who joined All You Can Sweat - CNY Edition. We were glad to have you there training, sweating, dancing and mingling with us! We want to keep providing you with more events like this in the near future. We promise to keep the surprises going with new amazing sport activities if you’ll keep spreading the YEYU love and help us improving with your priceless suggestions!

Thanks to all our partners for this Event: from the instructors to the location providers, from the vendors to the speakers. Your presence and commitment was much appreciated, your expertise and availability made the difference, and made the day enjoyable and fun for everyone.  

A special thank to FitSpace, a perfect location to hold an event like All You Can Sweat. In case you are considering to organize a sport event or a fitness class, Co-Fit, newly opened fitness studio located within FitSpace, offers trainers or gyms the opportunity to use the space on a flexible hourly basis to grow their business and expand their reach within Shanghai’s fitness community. Classes could include yoga, TRX workout, HIIT, boot camps, body conditioning, dance and much more.

The YEYU Team hopes to see YOU ALL again at the next community activation event! Until then, enjoy the YEYU App and help us making it better! Only with your valuable help and feedback we can be what we want to become: A sharing sports world created by everyone, and the largest network of connected and interactive sports communities in the world!

All You Can Sweat Flyer ENG.jpg
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YEYU ROOFTOP FITNESS DAY // Saturday, Oct. 28th 11am-4pm

YEYU rooftop fitness day.png
logo_yeyu_horizontal copy.png





"Our event, your playground" 


On October 28th from 11am to 4pm, we are organising a unique event where we are bringing together different sports disciplines, backgrounds and activities, all above a special rooftop in the heart of Shanghai (Airpark, Yuyuan Rd 433, No. 8, 4F, near Wulumuqi North Rd, Jingan)


Along with FitHearts, an organization dedicated to raising funds and awareness through sports to support like-minded charities and NGO's, we want to create a unique experience for everyone who loves fitness and sports. At YEYU, we believe that united we can achieve the impossible, that’s why partnered with FitHearts, we want the whole industry to work together on a sole mission: to make Shanghai healthier and happier through sports while raising support and awareness for the FitHearts foundation. 

Always wanted to try that new activity but didn't have the opportunity? We bring it to you, that's what YEYU is about.

We will have the following classes where everyone can join for free and experience a new activity. Just register on the YEYU app to save your spot and you are ready to go: 


  • Yoga (11am - 11.45am)
  • HIIT (12am - 12.45am)
  • Boxing (1pm - 1.45pm)
  • CrossFit (2pm - 2.45pm)
  • Zumba (3pm - 3.45pm)


Learn more about different sports. 

For performances in the playground area, we will have a few disciplines that you can watch and join while they train and perform: 


  • Calisthenics
  • Parkour
  • Acroyoga
  • Wing Chun
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu


You will get hungry with so many activities around, you will need that boost, that's why you'll have a selection of healthy choices:


  • Wheat
  • Super Salad
  • Lizzy's Juices
  • Gr3en


All this at the amazing rooftop in Jing'an, AIRPARK: 

On top of that, we will have many other treats: YEYU goodies, massages, vouchers, discount deals and much more. 

And as we believe in the democratisation of Sports...

Everything is for FREE* 

*except for your healthy snacks


So, bring your tracksuit, yoga pants, tank top, water bottle, cat, dog, kids, Ayi and Shifu. 

Did we mention free activities with amazing coaches, delicious healthy food & beverages, massages and free goodies? 

Save the date, Saturday October 28th at 11am to 4pm



Thanks to our partners: 

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 12.29.25.png


And our special and amazing collaboration with the FitHearts team:



Download YEYU to discover more and join the classes for this amazing event.


For more info contact us at: 

182 1773 3514


The latest YEYU deals, grab them now!

Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 14.40.19.png

YEYU Special Deals return with more exciting activities in Shanghai!We will have more and more special offers ONLY for YEYUers, don't miss out the chance to experience all kinds of cool things around you!


YEYU x Afit 10 week body challenge


10 Weeks with AFIT, Nutrition program included. At least 3 times a week. Expire Date: End of October

RMB 5390 instead of RMB 5990

AFit Training Studio is a fitness and nutrition center specialized in fat loss transformations. All programs are based on a comprehensive understanding of the natural functioning of the human body. At AFit it's not about jumping around for the sake of it, it's about developing flexibility, strength and using the body's natural abilities to synthesize fat as fuel.

Get it now: 

Download YEYU App - "Discovery"- "Fitness"- "Events"



YEYU x H-fitness private training class


1 Private Training class almost for FREE!     Expire Date: October 31st, 2018

RMB 9.9/Class instead of RMB 300/class

H-fitness, in Changning district of Shanghai, it is a private training studio. H-fitness have professional fitness equipment and a team of coaches. We are passionate and young, you are welcome to join us.

Get it now:

Download YEYU App - "Discovery"- "Fitness"- "Events"



YEYU x Uplus Free yoga class


With YEYU you can have one class for free and a 10% discount on membership.

Uplus is a high-end yoga studio "dedicated to becoming the leading brand of the industry". It is composed of four major sections: "yoga life, reverse aging program, three-dimensional anti-aging, organic life and artistic life". Uplus yoga pays attention to the great and profound yoga culture. Over the past nine years, the brand has been settled, We have Professional coach team and good reputation. Now opened three branch halls: Tianshan Uplus , Jing'an Uplus and DaHua Uplus. 

Get it now:

Download YEYU App - "Discovery"- "Yoga"- "Events"



YEYU x Obstacle Course Race for FREE


With YEYU you can have Free entrance for the 2017 MoganShan Nation Obstacle Course Tournament including goodies! Expire date: November 12th

Xiake Nation is a comprehensive sports company that runs outdoor development project design, Obstacle challenge, Sports tourism management as its main business.

Get it now:

Download YEYU App - "Discovery"- "Outdoor"- "Events"



YEYU x  Webox Vouchers


YEYU users can enjoy a 150RMB off of a PT class and 50RMB off a group class/training program. 

Webox is an online to offline digital training application that engages, empowers and motivates people through boxing fitness. Find training programs that incentivize you to stick with a regimin and more easliy achieve your goals or book a personal trainer on demand to take the stress out of making it to set classes. 

Get it now:

Download YEYU App - "Discovery"- "Boxing"- "Events"



YEYU explores the Ninja lifestyle /// 忍者的生活方式

In a world where fitness and physical activity is often relegated to the dark dungeon-like machine-filled gyms, it is the inner desire to break through the status quo and challenge the human body that led John to leave conventional gyms back in 2013 to focus on bodyweight training & calisthenics. The ultimate goal? Complete bodyweight domination, taking control of all human body parts to execute complex, functional and challenging movements that make full use of the human anatomy.

在生活节奏日益加快的社会,健身房训练常常被误解成充满机械的黑暗地牢,那么,如何打破现状和挑战人体的内在愿望? 在2013年,约翰离开了传统的健身房,开始专注于体能训练和健美操相结合。约翰的最终目标是完美的体重控制,充分利用人体解剖学,将人体各个组织的功能发挥到极限,完成具有挑战性的运动。

Born and raised in Italy, continued his studies in London, and now currently resides in China since 2010 - John has combined his corporate life with his passion for fitness by finding a healthy balance between the two. Business professional by day, Ninja Warrior by night. 


A passion for fitness that led him, after numerous years of training, to start teaching monthly Ninja Warrior classes in Shanghai, and to team up with YEYU to help this young start-up grow and thrive in the vibrant sports&fitness scene in Shanghai.

经过多年的训练,健身使他富有激情,约翰开始在上海开设体能训练和健美操课程,并且与YEYU一起推动这项运动的成长, 相信在不久的将来,这将成为上海的新兴运动。

Differently from many other forms of fitness, Calisthenics and Ninja Warrior are disciplines that rely almost exclusively on your body weight to help you improve core, agility, strength, functionality while at the same time acquiring new skills and exploring the limitations of the human body. Commitment, persistence and a general desire to challenge yourself on a daily basis are the driving forces behind this type of training, where there is no space for machines, burpees or 20-minute long planks.


Wherever you live, and wherever you travel, there is no place on earth where you can’t find a good spot to train or challenge yourself. 



Whether at home.


At the gym.


On Shanghai rooftops.


Wandering around your hometown (Milan),


Or exploring Jeju Island’s beautiful sceneries.


Remember, your fitness regime shouldn’t be limited to the gym. 

The World is our playground.




If you want to learn more about Calisthenics & Ninja Warrior, or simply want to challenge John at some funky and unorthodox exercise feel free to add him on the YEYU app or on WeChat (JD4000).


如果你想了解更多关于健美操和体能训练,又或者想挑战约翰的极限运动,欢迎添加微信(JD4000)或者添加YEYU 应用。

What's NEW on YEYU 3.4 and what's coming!

Since we launched YEYU 3.3 in June, we’ve been getting a lot of feedbacks from sports leaders, organizers, users, with those we have been working on new functionalities and UI design during the last few months for offering people a more practical and friendly YEYU App. Now, we are very happy to announce that the next generation - YEYU 3.4 will be launched in the next two months

We are Hiring | Social Media & MKT Manager

YEYU is a fresh startup with Chinese and international background working on a new sport, fitness and health platform for China. We are a passionate, open-minded and dedicated team looking for a talented Social Media Marketing Manager to administer our social and media accounts. You will be responsible for creating original text and video content, managing posts and responding to followers. You will manage our company image in a cohesive way to achieve our marketing goals. 

YEYU x AFIT-The 10-week Body Challenge Part II

This article is from Alex Zhao, the co-founder of YEYU. Over the past few weeks, He has been doing a fitness program to better understand his fitness levels and how he could improve. For every phase (3 weeks) an article will follow his 10-week transformation along with all the nutrition plans, supplements and exercise programs. At YEYU we believe we can improve ourselves every day, for us, sports and fitness are just the best way to achieve it.

YEYU Special Deals - Maximum 50% off

YEYU works with a variety of partners in different industries like Fitness, Well-being, Nutrition, etc to provide the best experiences for our followers. We will offer special deals regularly on YEYU App for you to try new things!This week, we bring you six amazing activities on discount thanks to our partners: Floatasian, Richardson Manzol, Feel Good Fitness, Better Bentos, Golden Gloves and M2adventure.

YEYU X AFIT - The 10-Week Body Challenge.

We all want a perfect body shape, perhaps a six-pack too, lose some fat and achieve a summer body. But not everyone can exercise on a regular basis, endure high-intensity workouts, a strict diet and a fitness regime, it’s actually not that difficult when you are doing it RIGHT. All you need is motivation, professional help, and then you just keep going. Hear it from Alex’s story and his 10-week body transformation, you will find out that things improve everyday as long as you stay active and positive.

Meet YEYU Ambassador Richardson Manzol

If you haven’t heard of Insanity yet, let’s just say it’s not for the faint-hearted. Insanity has been and still is one of the most challenging fitness programs on the market. As a total body workout that requires no gym or equipment, the program is based on a fitness method called "max interval training”. Max interval training consists of 3-minute work intervals, with 30-second periods of rest in between. In some people, exercising at this extreme intensity level will burn up to 1,000 calories an hour. It had to take someone very special (or insane) to introduce Insanity to the Shanghai fitness community. 

Featured Event on YEYU - RideNow Tibet - The Roof of the World!

Featured Event on YEYU - RideNow Tibet - The Roof of the World!

Cycling has always been one of the most popular sports in China. In big cities like Beijing or Shanghai, it’s easy to find varied cycling groups and join them for a city cycling, night cycling, mountain cycling, etc. Moreover, China Qinghai Lake Cycling is well-known for it’s difficulty and natural views. It becomes more than just a sports when you combine cycling with hiking, traveling or other activities, for some people, it’s a new way of discovering wonderful places and challenging themselves.This week, we introduce you an exciting cycling event in Tibet, one of the most beautiful places in China.

Featured Event on YEYU - Fun River Hiking: The Hidden Waterfall

There are interesting events coming up almost every week that helps sports enthusiasts to find different kind of activities for their spare time. In order to better share these amazing activities with you, we are going to pick out the most popular events on YEYU for you from time to time. This week, we introduce you to a perfect outdoor activity for summer time: River Hiking organized by M2adventure.

YEYU 3.3 Launched in YEYU Gathering

On June 18, the YEYU team held a Gathering with the theme of “A Sharing Sports World Created by Everyone” to celebrate the launch of YEYU APP 3.3.2. A bunch of sports lovers joined this meeting, and the sports leaders Oki, Julia and Yunus shared their wonderful stories, insights, and views on sports, fitness and well-being. Moreover, Andrea, Founder & CEO at YEYU introduced the latest version of YEYU along with a practical product showcase.