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YEYU Special Deals return with more exciting activities in Shanghai!We will have more and more special offers ONLY for YEYUers, don't miss out the chance to experience all kinds of cool things around you!


YEYU x Afit 10 week body challenge


10 Weeks with AFIT, Nutrition program included. At least 3 times a week. Expire Date: End of October

RMB 5390 instead of RMB 5990

AFit Training Studio is a fitness and nutrition center specialized in fat loss transformations. All programs are based on a comprehensive understanding of the natural functioning of the human body. At AFit it's not about jumping around for the sake of it, it's about developing flexibility, strength and using the body's natural abilities to synthesize fat as fuel.

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YEYU x H-fitness private training class


1 Private Training class almost for FREE!     Expire Date: October 31st, 2018

RMB 9.9/Class instead of RMB 300/class

H-fitness, in Changning district of Shanghai, it is a private training studio. H-fitness have professional fitness equipment and a team of coaches. We are passionate and young, you are welcome to join us.

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YEYU x Uplus Free yoga class


With YEYU you can have one class for free and a 10% discount on membership.

Uplus is a high-end yoga studio "dedicated to becoming the leading brand of the industry". It is composed of four major sections: "yoga life, reverse aging program, three-dimensional anti-aging, organic life and artistic life". Uplus yoga pays attention to the great and profound yoga culture. Over the past nine years, the brand has been settled, We have Professional coach team and good reputation. Now opened three branch halls: Tianshan Uplus , Jing'an Uplus and DaHua Uplus. 

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YEYU x Obstacle Course Race for FREE


With YEYU you can have Free entrance for the 2017 MoganShan Nation Obstacle Course Tournament including goodies! Expire date: November 12th

Xiake Nation is a comprehensive sports company that runs outdoor development project design, Obstacle challenge, Sports tourism management as its main business.

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YEYU x  Webox Vouchers


YEYU users can enjoy a 150RMB off of a PT class and 50RMB off a group class/training program. 

Webox is an online to offline digital training application that engages, empowers and motivates people through boxing fitness. Find training programs that incentivize you to stick with a regimin and more easliy achieve your goals or book a personal trainer on demand to take the stress out of making it to set classes. 

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