YEYU ROOFTOP FITNESS DAY // Saturday, Oct. 28th 11am-4pm

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"Our event, your playground" 


On October 28th from 11am to 4pm, we are organising a unique event where we are bringing together different sports disciplines, backgrounds and activities, all above a special rooftop in the heart of Shanghai (Airpark, Yuyuan Rd 433, No. 8, 4F, near Wulumuqi North Rd, Jingan)


Along with FitHearts, an organization dedicated to raising funds and awareness through sports to support like-minded charities and NGO's, we want to create a unique experience for everyone who loves fitness and sports. At YEYU, we believe that united we can achieve the impossible, that’s why partnered with FitHearts, we want the whole industry to work together on a sole mission: to make Shanghai healthier and happier through sports while raising support and awareness for the FitHearts foundation. 

Always wanted to try that new activity but didn't have the opportunity? We bring it to you, that's what YEYU is about.

We will have the following classes where everyone can join for free and experience a new activity. Just register on the YEYU app to save your spot and you are ready to go: 


  • Yoga (11am - 11.45am)
  • HIIT (12am - 12.45am)
  • Boxing (1pm - 1.45pm)
  • CrossFit (2pm - 2.45pm)
  • Zumba (3pm - 3.45pm)


Learn more about different sports. 

For performances in the playground area, we will have a few disciplines that you can watch and join while they train and perform: 


  • Calisthenics
  • Parkour
  • Acroyoga
  • Wing Chun
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu


You will get hungry with so many activities around, you will need that boost, that's why you'll have a selection of healthy choices:


  • Wheat
  • Super Salad
  • Lizzy's Juices
  • Gr3en


All this at the amazing rooftop in Jing'an, AIRPARK: 

On top of that, we will have many other treats: YEYU goodies, massages, vouchers, discount deals and much more. 

And as we believe in the democratisation of Sports...

Everything is for FREE* 

*except for your healthy snacks


So, bring your tracksuit, yoga pants, tank top, water bottle, cat, dog, kids, Ayi and Shifu. 

Did we mention free activities with amazing coaches, delicious healthy food & beverages, massages and free goodies? 

Save the date, Saturday October 28th at 11am to 4pm



Thanks to our partners: 

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And our special and amazing collaboration with the FitHearts team:



Download YEYU to discover more and join the classes for this amazing event.


For more info contact us at: 

182 1773 3514