What's NEW on YEYU 3.4 and what's coming!

Since we launched YEYU 3.3 in June, we’ve been getting a lot of feedbacks from sports leaders, organizers, users, with those we have been working on new functionalities and UI design during the last few months for offering people a more practical and friendly YEYU App. Now, we are very happy to announce that the next generation - YEYU 3.4 will be launched in the next two month with:

Multifunctional & Well-Organized Main Interface

From the new main interface, you can easily explore local events under “EVENTS” tab filtered by date or location. Events are the most popular session on YEYU platform, now we made it even simpler for you to discover.

The new main interface shows not only the hot events and customized content from “JUST FOR YOU”, also integrates content feed page (Discover), event organizers/brands index (Organizations) and profile page (Me) all together, simple to use and navigate.


New Integrated Event Detail Page with Payment Function (End of September)

From the new event page, you can literally find everything you need to evaluate this event: who is the organizer, who is going, comments, etc. You can even check the profile and interests of each attendees by clicking on the profile picture, good way to make new friendon YEYU.


And finally, you can pay any event directly on YEYU App via WeChat payment. YEYU works with a variety of partners in different industries like Fitness, Well-being, Nutrition, etc to provide the best experiences for our followers. We offer special deals regularly on YEYU App for you to try everything!


Easy-to-build Organization Page

The new organization page is designed for event organizers, fitness leaders, studios, groups, and communities to quickly create an exclusive brand page that displays your brand story, value, events, media, it’s built for organizations and users to communicate and interact. Also, all organizations will be listed on YEYU for free!

We hope YEYU 3.4 will bring you a whole new experience, we would like to hear from you, every feedback and suggestion are valued here. YEYU is improving every day based on sharing and passion for sports!