YEYU explores the Ninja lifestyle /// 忍者的生活方式

In a world where fitness and physical activity is often relegated to the dark dungeon-like machine-filled gyms, it is the inner desire to break through the status quo and challenge the human body that led John to leave conventional gyms back in 2013 to focus on bodyweight training & calisthenics. The ultimate goal? Complete bodyweight domination, taking control of all human body parts to execute complex, functional and challenging movements that make full use of the human anatomy.

在生活节奏日益加快的社会,健身房训练常常被误解成充满机械的黑暗地牢,那么,如何打破现状和挑战人体的内在愿望? 在2013年,约翰离开了传统的健身房,开始专注于体能训练和健美操相结合。约翰的最终目标是完美的体重控制,充分利用人体解剖学,将人体各个组织的功能发挥到极限,完成具有挑战性的运动。

Born and raised in Italy, continued his studies in London, and now currently resides in China since 2010 - John has combined his corporate life with his passion for fitness by finding a healthy balance between the two. Business professional by day, Ninja Warrior by night. 


A passion for fitness that led him, after numerous years of training, to start teaching monthly Ninja Warrior classes in Shanghai, and to team up with YEYU to help this young start-up grow and thrive in the vibrant sports&fitness scene in Shanghai.

经过多年的训练,健身使他富有激情,约翰开始在上海开设体能训练和健美操课程,并且与YEYU一起推动这项运动的成长, 相信在不久的将来,这将成为上海的新兴运动。

Differently from many other forms of fitness, Calisthenics and Ninja Warrior are disciplines that rely almost exclusively on your body weight to help you improve core, agility, strength, functionality while at the same time acquiring new skills and exploring the limitations of the human body. Commitment, persistence and a general desire to challenge yourself on a daily basis are the driving forces behind this type of training, where there is no space for machines, burpees or 20-minute long planks.


Wherever you live, and wherever you travel, there is no place on earth where you can’t find a good spot to train or challenge yourself. 



Whether at home.


At the gym.


On Shanghai rooftops.


Wandering around your hometown (Milan),


Or exploring Jeju Island’s beautiful sceneries.


Remember, your fitness regime shouldn’t be limited to the gym. 

The World is our playground.




If you want to learn more about Calisthenics & Ninja Warrior, or simply want to challenge John at some funky and unorthodox exercise feel free to add him on the YEYU app or on WeChat (JD4000).


如果你想了解更多关于健美操和体能训练,又或者想挑战约翰的极限运动,欢迎添加微信(JD4000)或者添加YEYU 应用。