Featured Event on YEYU - Fun River Hiking: The Hidden Waterfall

Since launching the new YEYU APP last month, more and more sports lovers have signed up for their YEYU account and started promoting their activities and groups on the application. 

There are interesting events coming up almost every week that helps sports enthusiasts to find different kind of activities for their spare time. 

In order to better share these amazing activities with you, we are going to pick out the most popular events on YEYU for you from time to time. This week, we introduce you to a perfect outdoor activity for summer time: River Hiking organized by M2adventure.

WHAT IS RIVER HIKING? Check out the introduction from M2adventure:

Hm, how to explain? Well,  it’s just the coolest thing! It’s like hiking, but along the river, feet in the water :) And the best part is that we get to stop a lot to swim in natural pools.

You don’t need to be a super-warrior, but a good balance can help. Don’t worry, you can walk at your own pace. And if there is a difficult spot like a big rock or something we have amazing Team-leaders (or Team-warriors as we call them) to help you!

Trip Highlights:

  • Enjoy a Fun Water Hike
  • Swim in Natural Pool
  • Discover the Hidden Waterfall

When & Where:

【July 29 & 30】  - Qingshui River

About the Event:

Fun River Hiking: The Hidden Waterfall

Are you ready?! For a weekend of fun away from Shanghai?!

We bring you to the Hidden Waterfall. Get ready for two days of fun & sport: hiking, swimming in natural pools, jumping from, chill around the campfire, drink, play games and more!

About the Organizer:


For those who don't know us personally, Miller & Mariane, we are a couple and the founders of M2adventure.  Actually, we first met each other during a hiking trip in China 😉

M2 stands for Miller & Mariane! This name first came up as a joke but eventually stuck with us. 

We both love Outdoors and Sports, and decided to try to keep our life adventurous as the motto as how we want to live our life! For us, it means discovering new places, try new activities, make new friends, keep a young spirit and having FUN. Hopefully, we can inspire a few similar mindset people on the way”.

-Miller & Mariane, Founders of M2adventure

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