How to get the best of YEYU Manager

YEYU Manager is your personal page for managing your events, clients, communities and media content in one place. No longer waste time, money and energy on several platforms - target your customers and achieve better results! 

YEYU Manager empowers you to:

Track performance metrics and ROI across your events, campaigns, and content. Our dashboard shows you registered users, views, likes, shares, and comments.

Manage your brand and sub-brands in a cohesive way with the help of our tags system. Receive easy to read reports on how your brand is doing in the market. 

Engage your clients and community by creating the events, groups and media they really need. Become a creator of valuable content - such as epic pictures, interesting stories, well-written articles, educational videos and inspirational performances. 

Let’s have a tour and discover how to use YEYU manager step by step:


You can simply choose to login with your WeChat account or register a new account with your email address. 



Calendar -  Here you can check the overall event schedule under your account on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. Find a certain event by using the filter box.

Report - Select the brand you want to check first, then choose a default or custom time range to get the data.


Customers & Conversations - This is for you to check and manage all your customers. Choose a brand from the filter box, then you can see all the followers of selected brand.

“Create Group” function allows you to create multiple groups for brand followers to better classify and manage them based on different events, topics, etc.

“Actions” helps you to easily write down notes for yourself about a customer, also adding grouping or chatting with him/her.

TIPS:For creating groups, you have to create a brand first. 


Create Brands - Click the button “Create New” to enter the brand editing page.

On this page, fill your brand information, choose category and tags, upload photos and logo, then click “Save”. Then your brand will be published correctly. 

TIPS: Can choose only one category but multiple tags for one brand.

Manage Brands - Every brand you created will be shown on this page, you can not only check basic information of each brand, but also quick edit them with “Actions”: Edit - Unpublish in APP - Managers - Delete.


Create Event (To create an event, you will need to create a brand first) - Click the “Create New” button to enter the event editing page. 


On this page, fill your event information, choose category and tags, upload photos, click “Save & Publish” to officially publish your event or click “Save Only” for further editing.

Manage Events - Every event you created will be shown on this page, you can not only check basic information of each event, also quick edit them with “Actions”: Calendar - Unpublish in APP - Managers - Delete.

TIPS: Check out detailed informations of Interests/Registrants/Rating/Comments by clicking the numbers.


Here you can upload and manage content:

-Story type is for uploading short/long articles with/without images.

-Photos type is for uploading images only.

-Video type is for uploading videos only.


Here you can review notifications of a brand request and event invitations. Besides, you can also promote your event by sending out invitations to friends and groups.

Above are the main functionalities of YEYU Manager, if you have any question or suggestion, please feel free to leave us a message.