How to have fun with the new YEYU

Hi Everyone, 

We are very excited to inform all of you that the new YEYU APP is going to be launched next week!

The new version YEYU 3.3 will bring you a whole new interface design, and easier to use & smoother user experiences with new functionalities:

• An all-in-one solution combining event organization, management, and booking. You don’t have to use different applications anymore.  

• A social online-offline activation app where you can get more online engagement by sharing your content and inviting people from other social channels. 

• A no-spam content platform where you can inspire and be inspired by sharing your knowledge with others and learning from other peoples’ experiences. 

  • An easy-to-use tool for sports leaders to target a like-minded audience, increase brand awareness through online campaigns and manage events & members. 

Now let’s have a tour and discover how to get the best out of the new YEYU: 

Profile Page: 

  • Choose tags and sports you are interested in to receive a customized content feed. Behind each tag you can see the popularity of the sport through the amount of followers, events and media. Click the button to read more. 
  • Add friends from WeChat and create groups so you can invite them to your events in the future. Tips: Create multiple groups based on different topics, events to better manage and classify your connections.
  • Have a conversation with your friends anytime under the “CHAT” tab, and have a conversation with event participants under the “EVENTS” tab.

New Discovery Page:

  • Find trends, events, media, and everything about sports around you based on different categories on the new Discovery page. Filter events based on date and location.
  • Under each category, you can find interesting content, events, articles and relevant brands. You can always share the content you like to your friends.
  • On the event page, besides basic information, you can also find out who else is going to participate in the event, related people, groups, articles and media. Review the events you joined from your profile page anytime.

Just For You:

  • Here the content feed is selected based on the tags you choose, and everything is customized just for you: events, articles, media from which you can explore new things and share them with your community. Filter content by tags anytime.

YEYU Manager:

  • Use our upgraded YEYU Manager to easily upload and manage content and events, to better engage your clients and communities, and by improving events and campaigns based on real data from our reporting system.

The new YEYU is all about exploring, inspiring and being inspired by sharing your knowledge and sports life.

YEYU, YES YOU, because finally you are in charge of choosing your sports activities and your healthy lifestyle experiences.


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