The Journey Behind YEYU

Dear YEYUers,


It’s true that we have been in silence for the past 15 months, and if you've been curious about what we’ve been doing or wondering if we’ve given up on our YEYU project...the answer is NO! 


During the last year, we’ve been talking with many sports participants, leaders, fitness communities, and organizers, and listening to their experiences and concerns, with the aim of improving our YEYU products. We have not only made great progress in the product and team development, but we have also come to a clear understanding of the purpose and vision of the new YEYU. 


YEYU started from Andrea’s (Andrea Speranza, Founder & CEO at YEYU) personal experiences: After years and years practicing sports and exploring different types of activities, he realized that a majority of his connections were established through a sport activity - either on a football pitch in China, a golf course in the U.S., during a run on the Bund, or a ping pong tournament in Dalian. Nowadays sports, fitness and well-being are very much interconnected. Then, after asking himself if there was any digital tool that could help people explore activities around them and get in touch with their main interests in a comprehensive way, he realized that there was no application as powerful as word of mouth. So what if we digitalize word of mouth and create a new ecosystem where everyone and everything become connected and interactive? This was the start of YEYU. 


Now, after one year of testing and exploring, we’ve figured out two objectives YEYU is going to bring to every sports lover: Firstly, we are offering an informative and interactive platform for people to keep in touch with their sports partners, while simultaneously getting to know new sport trends, new friends and popular groups around them. Secondly, we are providing a multitasking and efficient platform where sports leaders can easily organize and share their events to their community or target their brand to an unexposed audience while managing their data and analysis. Building the largest network of sports communities that can connect and interact around the world is our ultimate goal. 


To accomplish those two objectives for all YEYUers, the new YEYU APP is committed to making your life easier by providing: 


• An all-in-one solution combining event organization, management, and booking. You don’t have to use different applications anymore.  

• A social online-offline activation app where you can get more online engagement by sharing your content and inviting people from other social channels. 

• A no-spam content platform where you can inspire and be inspired by sharing your knowledge with others and learning from other peoples’ experiences. 

• An easy-to-use tool for sports leaders to target a like-minded audience, increase brand awareness through online campaigns and manage events & members. 



After such a long silence and preparation, we are very glad to inform all of you that the new YEYU APP is going to be launched in two weeks. YEYU is built for sports lovers, and we hope and believe that everyone will contribute to a new sharing sports world as much as we are devoted to making YEYU always better and more useful.


YEYU, YES YOU, because finally, you are in charge of choosing your sports activities and your healthy lifestyle experiences.