YEYU Special Deals Return with More Surprises

YEYU Special Deals return with more exciting activities in Shanghai!We will have more and more special offers ONLY for YEYUers, don't miss out the chance to experience all kinds of cool things around you!


YEYU x AFit Special Class Package


Three drop-ins / classes    Expire Date: End of September

RMB 150

AFit Training Studio is a fitness and nutrition center specialized in fat loss transformations. All programs are based on a comprehensive understanding of the natural functioning of the human body. At AFit it's not about jumping around for the sake of it, it's about developing flexibility, strength and using the body's natural abilities to synthesize fat as fuel.

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YEYU x Spinback Indoor Cycling


3 classes of Spinback Indoor Cycling    Expire Date: End of September

RMB 100 per class

At Spinback, Shanghai's first dedicated spinning and indoor cycling studio, we guarantee a challenging cycling based workout with metrics, music and energy. Our international instructors, individual attention and service, as well as community vibe will ensure you leave not just sweating, but smiling!

Spinback boasts two locations between the French Concession and Jing An, and studios are equipped with the latest bikes to help bring your workout session to a whole new level.

With the state-of-the-art technology for audio and visuals (think big screens with awesome cycling and other extreme sport videos), we welcome beginners to advanced riders (as the classes naturally accommodate all levels) to come feel the burn on the bikes! 

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YEYU x Latin Soul


Special 1 Year Membership   

RMB 5,999

Latin Soul

We are Asian, European, South American and other international friends who love Salsa, Bachata, Merrengue, Reggaeton and other Latin Dances. Our goal is only one: ENJOY LIFE with Latin Music & Dance. Come join us. 

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YEYU x VERSUS Fitness Special Package


3 days of unlimited classes, from Yoga, to Zumba, to Boxing.    Limited to 6 people only!

RMB 319

VERSUS Fitness

Founded in 2015, VERSUS is a premium community-based fitness studio in Shanghai, dedicated to people on their journey to a lasting healthy and active lifestyle

We provide unique, energetic and interactive environment in which anyone at all fitness level can be comfortable and be healthy.

We provide a wide range of classes to fit everyone's tastes and needs, to really help them fulfill their desire to adopt a healthy active lifestyle. Our classes include but are not exhaustive to Yoga, Piloxing, Zumba, Barre Fitness, Dance Fitness, Boxing, Martial Arts, Functional training, TABATA, HIIT, Boxing Cardio, Muay thai, Weightlifting cardio, Pilates Core, Core workout, Circuit training, TRX ...

We also provide personal training, hosts fitness parties and community events. 

Fitness is not only about looking good but more about FEELING good!

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YEYU x Wheat Healthy Eatery


10% off all meal plans + 10% off first delivery

Bonus: a free glass of Prosecco for every customer who spends over 100RMB at their restaurants.

WHEAT | Healthy Eatery was born in a metropolis & is dedicated to all urbanites.

WHEAT’s goal is to help urbanites have & maintain a healthy lifestyle in today’s hectic world, without giving up the pleasure of eating delicious, fresh, natural & rich food! 

‘It’s not just about a diet, it’s about a lifestyle’ and, WHEAT | Healthy Eatery wants to help you achieve this lifestyle by providing cosmopolitan healthy eating all year round - at either any of our locations or delivered to your door! 

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