YEYU X AFIT - The 10-Week Body Challenge.

We all want a perfect body shape, perhaps a six-pack too, lose some fat and achieve a summer body. But not everyone can exercise on a regular basis, endure high-intensity workouts, a strict diet and a fitness regime, it’s actually not that difficult when you are doing it RIGHT. All you need is motivation, professional help, and then you just keep going. Hear it from Alex’s story and his 10-week body transformation, you will find out that things improve everyday as long as you stay active and positive.

I’m Alex Zhao and I’m the co-founder of YEYU. Over the past few weeks, I’ve embarked on a fitness journey to better understand my fitness levels and how I could improve. For every phase (3 weeks) an article will follow my 10-week transformation along with all the nutrition plans, supplements and exercise programs. At YEYU we believe we can improve ourselves every day, for us, sports and fitness are just the best way to achieve it.

For starters, I’m not entirely unfit. I play football weekly (I’m a Goalkeeper though) and depending on the period, I irregularly make that useless check-in at the gym. However, I felt that I could do much more. The motivation was there but I often felt that exercising wasn’t satisfying enough. Mainly because I had little research, wrong fundamentals, no follow-up meals and so on. If you were like me, this journey is for you! 

Listen to the professionals - It was important to choose a place with coaches that had experience and perfectly knew what they were doing. Fitness has become a Science itself over the years, but there are many interpretations of it, it was important to check their certifications and experience. So I chose AFIT and its team led by Alex Garcia (Svetlana and Darren).

Set up goals - The goal is clear, lose that alcohol belly fat and at the same time gain muscle. According to this goal, our first session was to understand the nutritional part - which is as crucial as the exercise. ‘We are going to transform you from a sugar-burner to a fat-burner’ enthusiastically explained Garcia. Which meant I would be burning fat even sitting and working on my chair. ‘Venga, vamos!’ I exclaimed in Spanish (Let’s do it). 


Fundamentals are critical - the fundamentals, which are extremely important. Just because we doing squats, lunges, push ups, sit-ups etc doesn’t mean we are doing it right. Firstly because we might injure ourselves and secondly because it won’t be effective at all sometimes. ‘Your squats were perfect but your lunges made me cry’ laughably cringed Garcia - which made me even more motivated. 

Do assessment regularly - The fitness assessment was about how I endured certain exercises and my physical condition - including body fat percentage as well as muscle quality - so we can check the improvement overall but also in each part of the body. 

So after my first 3 sessions (Mon, Wed, Fri.) on Week 1, Week 2 started well with HIIT (High-intensity interval training), core and strength exercises. Coach Garcia made a clear plan focused on fat-loss (HIIT & Circle training) and strength (working with weights). All of this coupled with a few whey protein shakes after working out and a rigorous diet plan.

I found myself sweating after my very first few minutes of HIIT. It definitely gets better by the day, even if all the 3 sessions of Week 2 made me feel sick - I thought my heart would come out of my mouth. But isn’t that great? Sweating and having a close-to-death experience? The adrenaline surely helps. Anyway, I’m on my way to Week 3 and I can already feel a sort of addiction that many see it as the secret sauce to a consistent and healthy lifestyle. 

See you in a few sessions! Stay tuned!

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