YEYU x AFIT-The 10-week Body Challenge Part II

This article is from Alex Zhao, the co-founder of YEYU. Over the past few weeks, He has been doing a fitness program to better understand his fitness levels and how he could improve. For every phase (3 weeks) an article will follow his 10-week transformation along with all the nutrition plans, supplements and exercise programs. 

At YEYU we believe we can improve ourselves every day, for us, sports and fitness are just the best way to achieve it.

Here we are again, it’s been 6 weeks since I’ve started this exciting challenge. The main goal for these last few weeks was to improve Circuit Training, Strength exercises, and boost our nutrition plan, this was the real deal. I could feel a major improvement in terms of fitness, both endurance and strength from weeks 5 to 6. I needed a recovery plan for all the intense workouts though, and for that, I’ve started going to Floatasian Spa, oh boy, what a discovery. But more on that later.  


Circuit Training consisted of several sets mixing cardio and strength exercises, around 10 minutes of cycling, rowing, chin-ups, deadlifts and lifting medicine balls jumping from one station to another with very little rest. It makes me wonder why on earth I’ve signed up to join the army! But, nothing feels better than knowing I’ve done it, and getting that awesome feeling that will stay with me throughout the rest of the day. So, I’ve started waking up in a better mood and energized in general, and that by itself is already a great achievement. 


The Strength exercises (Wed.) were what I really needed, as it was one of my main goals. I needed to gain more muscle and even though HIIT and Circuit training exercises helped, I had to consistently increase weights on specific muscles (biceps, shoulders and triceps). “So why only doing it once a week?” - you might be asking as did I. “Our muscles need to rest in order to grow, so once a week of specific strength exercise is enough as you also need to lose fat at the same time so we can actually see those muscles beneath the fat.” wisely explained coach Garcia. 


“In terms of strength, you made a good improvement but we need to boost those muscles even more now!” said coach Garcia. It was then that everything got even more serious. “I need you to start eating 4 big meals a day, minimum 3 on resting days, consume about 3.000 calories and continue to take 2 protein shakes and 2 bananas a day” he calmly said. “Excuse me, I need to what?!” - I couldn’t hold my awed face and wondered how could I eat chicken with rice (for example) at 1pm, 4pm and a Chicken salad at 8pm plus snacks (whole natural nuts, protein shakes and banana) between these meals. I understood we needed these meals to increase muscle size, but so far this has been the hardest thing to achieve and to stay consistent with, especially on busy days and weekends. 


I began to feel I needed a quicker recovery between the workouts. Although it got better, most of the time I felt a bit sore from the previous sessions. So I decided to try Floatasian Spa. “The floating water tanks are filled with tons of Epsom salt - a magnesium-rich compound long used for ailments such as muscle soreness - the water is kept at body temperature and the salinity causes the body to float” sounds cool right? It’s way more than only that.


I was welcomed by the brothers and owners Theo and Andreas who are extremely friendly and make the whole experience a pleasant surprise.

Inside the tank, I felt strange at the beginning - which is completely normal for beginners - I got their water-resistant headphones playing some relaxing sounds and guided meditation - optional but recommended - turned off all the lights, tried to find a comfortable position and focused on my breathing. After a few minutes, I felt I was immersed into a whole different world - a zero-gravity experience - a world without the overload of everyday life. I guess I’d found a deeply relaxed state of mind. I didn’t notice the time pass and to my sadness, time was up. 


I felt light-hearted, unburdened, feeling like I could take on the world and complete as many body challenges as I wanted! The after feeling swooped me, I felt extremely relaxed and at the same time, my productivity boosted the next few days. My sleeping quality doubled from 17% deep sleep to 32%! I felt like a hibernated bear, slept like a baby, stress-free with the right state of mind. 


Interesting that at first, I went only expecting a quick recovery method, but came out feeling it was a fulfilling experience in terms of both body and mind. “It only gets better and better after the first session as you become accustomed to the whole setting” enthusiastically explained Theo. Obviously, this was my personal experience and I honestly had to let myself go, but I believe everyone can find great benefits from experiencing it. I recommend going without over-hyping expectations because I feel that the whole point of floating is to achieve more with less, it’s just you and your thoughts deprived of everything else out there, perfect for chaotic life in the city.


So, after the first 6 weeks of intense workouts with the AFIT team, a balanced diet and good recovery methods I can definitely say that I’m really happy I made the decision of committing myself to this. I can’t see myself without exercising as it directly influences my mood and my general well-being. For those of you who are still wondering if it’s worth your time, try to adopt the 5 minute rule from Instagram’s CEO and start today: “If you don’t want to do something, make a deal with yourself to do at least five minutes of it. After five minutes, you’ll end up doing the whole thing.” 

See you in a few sessions!

Stay tuned!


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