YEYU x Startup Leadership Program

You may know YEYU is a ever expanding machine but we are actually still a very young, growing company. And as all start-ups, we need any occasion to learn how to grow better, faster, stronger.


Our YEYU dynamite Giorgia attended for the past weeks the SLP (Startup Leadership Program) - an 80 hour, highly selective training program founded in 2006 in Boston.

It’s a global network for outstanding founders, leaders and innovators who want to become entrepreneurs which has been in Shanghai since 2011, with more than 150 fellows and 20 mentors.


Last Saturday March the 10th 2018 was the big day for the 6th batch of SLP: Launch and Graduation ceremony @ Soho Q3. All participants were asked to have a 7 minute pitch, explaining the core of their startup idea and their dreams for future growth.


Giorgia made us proud, delivering with energy a passionate speech on YEYU’s dream to revolutionize sports.


YEYU at the F45 & That’s Shanghai Sports Awards

It’s time to celebrate at YEYU!

On February the 8th, our President Andrea was nominated Sport Personality of 2018 at F45 & That’s Shanghai Sports Awards. It was a great honor to be officially recognized among those who leave a trace in the city's sports scene.

Andrea Aw 1.jpeg

A first award and a great achievement for Andrea and YEYU team, this little yet important success means a lot to us and we want to thank all the people who contributed with their votes. As we are committed to build a sport community where people from different passions and backgrounds share the love for sports, each of you is an important pillar in our development.  

Andrea Aw 3.jpg

Sport leaders carry great responsibilities as they represent the highest values of sport, such as discipline, dedication, consistency, fairness, team building, and respect. An inspiration to people, they are accountable for representing and sharing the sport ideal to everyone.

Andrea is passionate of sport since he remembers, and has always lived surrounded by sports professionals, amateurs, teams, and organizations, sharing with them the desire to communicate what sport means to everyone. Sport contributes to make us together, creating bonding experiences. Sport connects us, and through sport we build new relationships with others. This is the idea behind YEYU: a democratic platform where everyone can share their activities and events and interact with different sport communities.  

Andrea aw 5.jpg

Andrea was very honored to received this Prize, but he reminded to everyone that - as YEYU is created by everyone - the Prize should be shared with all the contributors who daily help and support YEYU to become better, and greater.

Andrea Aw 4.jpg

Last night was a special night for YEYU, and we want to thank everyone: from the F45 & That’s Shanghai Sports Awards organizers, to our partners, from the people who voted for Andrea, to the other nominees.