YEYU connects communities and participants to local trends and events. Organizers can personalize events with detailed information and content. Participants can interact with sport leaders and brands.



YEYU connects you to local sporting trends based on your preferences.

  • Set your preference/interest tags
  • Recommend you people, groups, communities based on your preference and location
  • Grow your sports social network


YEYU helps you to explore everything around you.

  • Instant updates and alerts about the latest local sporting trends
  • Find your friends and join through YEYU dynamic platform
  • Inspire and be inspired by sharing your knowledge and sports life


YEYU provides you a platform in which you can easily socialize, be efficient and organized.

  • Invite your friends from WeChat, create groups and communities
  • Join any event in one click
  • Create an event and organize participants easily
  • Build your brand


            Andrea Speranza, CEO & Co-founder at YEYU


"All the wonderful moments that sports gave me, It is time to give something back to sports. YEYU believes that sports enhances the companionship, sacrifice, joy and competitiveness in all of us. We think sports is the greatest way to make friends, to overcome your preconceived limits and most importantly it brings important values into our lives. 

YEYU is reinventing the way we look at sports and experience it. We are devoted about how sports changes the world, how it inspires and unites people in a way little else does , but we believe it can be improved. Don’t wait any longer, be part of YEYU’s sports revolution."


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