Q: Where do I find my bookings for events?

A: After successfully registered for an event, your booking will appear on your bookings page. You can find your “Bookings” page under “Discover” tab or “Me” tab.

Q: Will I receive a booking confirmation after payment?

A: After registration for an event, you will receive an in-app notification with confirmation of your booking and your booking can be found under “Bookings”, which is considered as confirmation.

Q: How do I access to the event after booking on YEYU?

A: Check-In:

Upon arrival the organizer may ask you to present your YEYU QR-code to check in. Your personal QR code can be found as shown below. Present your QR-code and the organizer will then check you in.


The event should take place at the described address on the designated event page, unless otherwise described by the organizer. If the address is unclear, please contact the organizer for directions.  

Q: Can I buy 2 or more tickets to an event?

A: As each YEYU account is personal, each account can only register for 1 person. If your friend does not have the YEYU app, you may invite your friend to YEYU app or by sharing the YEYU WeChat mini app.

Your friend can create an account by simply opening YEYU app or WeChat mini app. Click here to invite your friend.

Sharing of event:

Events can also be shared directly from the event card to WeChat. Your friend can click on the link that is shared by you and access the event page directly for registration.

Q: I don’t have the required payment methods.

A: To secure users’ payments, we have only adopted the payment methods that are currently available within our app. If you wish to use a different payment method, please contact the organizer directly for the options.

Please note YEYU is not responsible for any payments made outside of our platforms. You may also not appear in the list of registrants on App as payment is made outside the app, instead the organizer may need to record you manually.

Q: I accidentally unregistered myself for an event, what do I do?

A: If the registered event is a free event, our app allows you to register again when you are unregistered.

If you have unregistered yourself for a paid event, you will enter the refund process, which requires approval from the organizer. You may contact the organizer to coordinate with YEYU to register you again for the event.

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: Refund policy is always set out by the organizer. If the refund policy is unclear to you, please contact the organizer directly.  

Refund is in sole discretion of the organizer. After the organizer has approved your refund request, YEYU app will refund you the amount within 10 working days.

If you believe the organizer has violated their refund policy, please report the organizer from the event page. We will then take actions with the organizer.


2 Problems with organizer

Q: The event I registered for didn't exist, what do I do?

A: At YEYU we aim to provide up-to-date event information at all time. If the event does not exist, please report the event by clicking on the three dots on the event page, we will then take actions with the organizer


Q: The organizer rejected my access, what do I do?

A: The events on YEYU are organized by the organizer and manage by the rules set out by them. Please contact the organizer directly regarding the access.


Q: How do I report an organizer?

A: For any dispute, please try to solve it directly with the organizer first. If you believe there is misconduct by the organizer, please report the organizer by clicking on the three dots on the event page or the organization page, we will then take actions with the organizer.


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Q: How do I host events myself?

A: We always welcome new organizers on YEYU. Please check the YEYU button at the bottom of main screen of the App, read the tutorial and start your journey as YEYU Manager.


Q: How do I suggest an organization who has events?

A: We would like to hear more about the organization and its events, please let us know.


Q: I can't find my sport

A: It is great to see people from different sport disciplines. We welcome any type of sport and we are adding more and more event content on YEYU. If your sport is not covered yet, please let us know, we will soon reach out to organizations of your sport.


Q: There are no events under the sport I like

A: Please be patient, we will cover more and more sports in the time to come. If you have suggestions on organizations and events, we would like to hear from you.


Suggest an organization

Sports disciplines, type of organization (gym, coach, community), etc.